First of all, everywhere and every step of production, precision, meticulousness, being careful, being planned and knowing what you are doing ensure successful results in the work done. In my 16 years of business life, I have had a wide variety of experience in new product development, mold design, mold production and R&D studies. Reflecting these experiences to our customers and being a solution partner to them is among our main principles.

What do we do as BARIŞ CNC & KALIP company?

We are a company that makes Volume Molds, Machine Parts, Prototype Product Processing and Machining.

Which sectors do we mainly serve?

  • Plastic Injection or Metal Injection mold production of Plastic, Zamak and Aluminum parts belonging to Defense Industry, Automotive, Electronics, White Goods, Cosmetics, Medical (Health), Construction, Hardware, Toys, Household Goods, Textile, Advertising sector products,

  • Parts production service with CNC Machining Center for machine manufacturers,
    Apparatus, Fixture and Machine Part processing services for manufacturing companies in line with their needs,

  • Prototype Product processing service for newly developed products,

  • In addition, we are conducting R&D studies to develop value-added innovative products in the field of Security and Door Accessories.

How do we work?

1- Machining (CNC Machining Procedure)

  • The CAD data of the part requested to be processed is sent to us by e-mail,

  • If CAD data is not available, a sample sample is provided,

  • If there are sensitive and critical points that need attention on the part (Technical Drawing),

  • Number of information is given,

  • In addition to the material type information, information is given whether the material will be supplied by the customer or by us,

  • The process begins after the quotation and deadline created by us pass the customer approval,

  • Shipping operations belong to our customer.

2- Mold Production (Mold Procedure)

  • CAD data of the part to be molded is sent by mail,

  • Part material (eg PA6, Delrin, ABS, Zamak, Aluminum etc.)?

  • Mold eyes?

  • Annual target production quantity?

  • Steel material type information to be used in the mold?

  • Injection machine tonnage, weight and connection information to be pressed?

  • The requested heat treatment type (Nitration, Irrigation etc.)?

  • Logo, inscriptions, date stamp, eye number, recycling etc?

  • Will the mold trial be made by the customer or by us?

  • Will the mold steels and materials be supplied by the customer or by us?

  • After the above information is sent, the quotation and deadline created by us passes the customer approval, and the process begins.

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